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What would you say if we told you you could make donations to the school and earn money towards your tuition without having to spend any money you aren’t already spending?

How much would does your family spend on groceries in a month? Let’s estimate $400.00

Do you shop at Coborns, County Fair or Walmart? You could earn $8.00 for buying groceries.

How much money does your family spend on gas a month? Let’s estimate $200.00

Do you fill up at Amstar, Dakota Sunset or Freedom? You could earn up to $10.00 for buying gas.

How much money does your family spend on eating out each month?

Let’s estimate for a family of four, 4 times a month on fast food = $100.00

Do you eat at McDonalds, Culver’s, Burger King, Hardees, Subway, Quiznos? You could earn up to $15.00 for eating out.

In one month by buying SCRIP for only groceries, gas and eating out you would have profited $33.00.

The school benefits:
Half of that profit goes into the school budget.
So you just donated $$16.50 to the school! Thank you!

You benefit:
Half of the profit goes into a “savings” account for you to use towards tuition! So, you just earned yourself $16.50 in FREE money!

Who can use SCRIP?
Anyone who shops! SCRIP cards are always available in the JPII school office, and at many school functions. Once you purchase the SCRIP, you get the credit. SCRIP is issued in the form of gift cards for each individual business. They work much like a debit or credit card. You can use as little on the card at a time as you’d like. Once it’s gone, you throw it away and buy a new one from the office. There is not a fee to use it and they do not expire.

The school has a form you fill out to purchase SCRIP. It lists all the businesses and the denominations the cards come in, as well as the percentage that is donated by using the card. You pay for it when you get it. It does take an effort to budget ahead, but as you can see it is well worth the time!

Get your family, friends and co workers to use it! Take blank forms to them and tell them they can help your family and your school by using SCRIP! SCRIP order forms are on the school website to print off as well at
Use SCRIP for birthday presents, Christmas and wedding gifts. Any time you give someone a gift card, use SCRIP!
If you do not have or know any children in the school, you can specify that the profits are donated to the school completely, or the Adopt a Student fund (a fund that helps families with tuition during hardships.)

Try it for one month! See for yourself how easy it really is! It only takes a little planning. Start small with just gas and groceries, then build up for other purchases like medications, clothes, home improvements and more!
It does make a difference!

Last year the school saw an almost $10,000 profit from SCRIP!

That means families also got almost $10,000 worth of tuition credit as well!

It could make an even bigger impact.

Let’s say 100 families used SCRIP to purchase $100 a week for groceries.

100 families x $100.00 a week for 52 weeks with a 2% donation would equate a total of $5,200 to be distributed to the school plus $5200 to be distributed to families!

There are approximately 230 families at John Paul II School! Imagine if all those families used SCRIP regularly!

Now consider there are approximately 1500 families between the two catholic parishes –Holy Family and Holy Spirit- imagine if each of those families used SCRIP regularly!

The possibilities are unlimited!

If you still have questions please contact the school office at 605-996-2365.